We sometimes succeed in dragging our best friends with us whenever we get to shoot a wedding in some awesome place. So this time we once again had the amazing opportunity to shoot a wedding in Amsterdam.

Every time we visit Amsterdam there is more to see and more to do, what a great city it is. And off course like photographers do, we did not put our cameras down after the wedding and tried to capture our whole trip.

We woke up early every morning (some people might think this is a lie…) and went out to see as much things as we could fit into one day, and because the sun only sets at 10:30pm in summer it made it very easy for us.

It did not end there, we went on to see Rotterdam, which has the biggest harbor in Europe. Giethoorn, where all the streets are canals. It looked like a scenery right out of a fairytale book. In Den haag we visited Madurodam, still can’t explain what we saw there, wow, miniature cities built in detail, yip true story (we will never laugh at any ones idea ever again). In Belgium we visited one or two cathedrals, how can one put that feeling and awe into words.

We would love to go back to Amsterdam and see more and more and more!

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